Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pesach Prep - Earliest Steps

Step One - Calendar

As always, I start Pesach preparations by looking at the calendar to determine when the holiday falls. This year, we have the pleasure of a three day chag, since the seders are Wednesday night and Thursday night, so we'll segue directly into shabbat.

I knew I was making the first seder and going out for the second. And it seems that as soon as the email blasts start regarding Mishloach Manot, the invitations start flying for Pesach, so I was invited out for Friday night and I invited my bf's family for shabbat lunch. So before I baked the first hamentashen, the "social schedule" was in place.

Step Two - Menus

Since I only make one seder, the menu has become fairly constant over the last few years, only changing side dishes depending on the number of people, and if I see something new that intrigues me. The shabbat lunch menu required a bit more thought, since so many of my shabbat lunch side dish standards are pasta based. Also, since one of the guests can't have gluten, pesach seemed a perfect opportunity to do an entirely GF meal - by the third day of pesach, everyone will have had their fill of matzoh meal laden kugels.

I'll post the menus shortly -

As always, if you have any questions, or would like menu or recipe advice - I'm happy to help - please post your question.


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