Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Countdown to Pesach

Getting very close.....

Going to Brooklyn on Sunday - let's be real folks - the prices for meat in Westchester are ridiculous and pretty obnoxious on the part of the one butcher (I won't name the store, you figure it out!).

So off we go the holy land...

Which means of course, that time had come for me to figure everything out, which, at long last, I did, and I will post the plans, menus, recipes in the days to come.

In the meanwhile, we've been having fun eating through all the odd contents of the freezer, the end of the frozen leftover soups, odd mismatched main courses, but I'm close to empty so it's all good. And this shabbat will be the last one I cook. For Shabbat Hagadol we've been invited to friend who close their houses for pesach (bless them!!!) and there's lunch at the shul, but with what it costs, we've decided to get our own takeout instead. Though my stove and oven will have been kashered by then, I'll still have my electric hotplate to use to warm anything up.

Keep watching, I promise lots of menus, tips and recipes soon!

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