Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Drugs, Chugs or Mugs? A Purim Dilemma

Though I don't think of myself as a creative person outside of the kitchen, the past few years I've tried to come up with a theme for the mishloach manot baskets I send out - rather than just baking and loading the baskets up randomly.  Last year, everything I baked had nuts or peanut butter, and I included a note "I must be NUTS to do this every year".

This year, probably because of all of the Valentine's Day goodies around, I had the idea to do something about kisses.....  I thought of meringues (referred to in hebrew as neshikot - kisses), peanut butter cookies with hershey's kisses, and got a lip shaped cookie cutter - you get the idea... 

Hershey's also has a products called Hugs - so the idea for hugs and kisses started...  Then I got to Chugs & kisses - which would have included a Beer (get it? chugs!) - quickly vetoed by the kids and the bf.  Of course the teens then suggested drugs & kisses (vetoed by me!)- but we've compromised on mugs & kisses - 

So the final contents will be 

A mug - filled with cocoa mix & tea bags
Peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses
Surprise kiss cookies (actually hershey's hugs wrapped in dough)
rice krispie treats - cut out with the lip cookie cutters
Brownies - ditto on the cookie cutters
Mini bundt cakes decorated with x's and o's
and Hamentashen

Happy Purim everyone!!!!

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