Monday, February 06, 2006

A week off - Parshat Beshalach

Mazal tov to Adam!

This shabbat we will help celebrate your bar mitzvah - and will be honored to join your family for meals. Hoorah for catering!

I have to admit, I love the caterer my friend is using (then again, it was my idea for her to use them!) Main Event. As far as I'm concerned, they are the best in the New York area. Their food is consistently great, and Steve Rubinfeld (201-894-8710 x120)is a pleasure to deal with - very creative, and doesn't spend more of your money than you want. Main Event did both of my son's bar mitzvah's, including a chinese banquet friday night (complete with lazy susan's on the tables).

So, all in all, it should be a great shabbat. A simcha, good catering and week off!


  1. they catered my brother and sister's bar and bat mitzvahs. The neighborhood my father lives in uses them a lot for simchas. They do a great job on presentation

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

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