Monday, February 13, 2006

Parshat Yitro - 20 Shevat - February 17 & 18

This coming shabbat will be a quiet one again. Older son (OS) is away (again) at a shabbaton - NCSY this time. Lots of ruach and lousy food for him! Now, when younger son (YS) is in charge of helping to choose friday night dinner - there is always one answer- SUSHI! And since we will again be at a bar mitzvah on shabbat (in other words - no cooking lunch, huge, hot kiddush), Sushi it will be.

I prepare everything before we make kiddush, then we have a half standing/half sitting sushi dinner, while I keep rolling until everyone is full. I'll roast a chicken (more for that good smell than anything else), but mostly, we'll just eat sushi till we pop!

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