Monday, February 27, 2006

Shabbat Shekalim- Follow Up -

Divine intervention. That's the only way to describe the chain of events that saved YS from being extremely embarrassed this morning. Here's how it went....

Hopefully, you've read my post about Half-Shekel foods for shabbat shekalim.

Step 1
On Friday night, before we ate, I gave a little parsha quiz. Considering the amount of day school tuition that was represented in the room, I felt entitled. I asked about the name of the parsha, and the reason. We had a little talk about it. Very nice.

Step 2
Yesterday, in CVS, OS asked me to buy him a Milky Way Easter Egg candy thing. Considering the amount of allowance I had just deposited in his wallet, I suggested he could buy it himself. He said "but it looks like a half - shekel" Don't I get it just for being so creative......

Step 3
Last night at dinner, OS recounts his attempts to sweet talk me into a sweet purchase. I asked what this week's parshah was, and if we could continue the connection of parsha to menu. OS & YS both said "terumah" and which point YS blanched white and asked to be excused. Next thing we knew, he had pulled out the tikkun and was learning the leyning for this morning.

So planning my meals around the parsha had saved YS from the embarrassment of having been assigned to layn at school, and having come to school unprepared.

Baruch hashem.

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