Thursday, January 19, 2006

Two Hour Prep Shabbat

OK, this week, even though our friends are coming for shabbat dinner, since we've been invited out for lunch, I'm going to make an easy Friday Afternoon Only prepped shabbat dinner.

Here's the Menu:

Onion Potato Soup (an article in the newspaper intrigued me)

Nancy's Salad (an online friend/backgammon buddy emailed me a terrific looking recipe)

Roast Chicken (what could be easier!)
Tapas Potatoes (quick, and hold well on the hotplate)
Israeli Couscous with Mushrooms (ditto)
Steamed Veggies

and for once, I'm letting my friend bring dessert

This won't stop me from baking cookies on Thursday night (PBJ's I think)

Want any of these recipes? Leave me a comment.

Shabbat Shalom OoMevorach!



  1. hi debra- this is really funny, bc we have totally parallel blogs going. and looks like we both made onion/leek potato soup this week. and chicken soup last week. are we in soup synchronicity or something?

  2. Well, this morning I worked on this coming shabbat's menu. Because I have to go the a shul board meeting Thursday night, I need even more than usual advance planning, since I lose my usual major prep time. I had to do a regular and expanded, because I think my boys are bringing home friends (in which case I increase the items). I'm going with chicken soup with matzoh balls either way though. I have 3 quarts left from two weeks ago.

  3. Anonymous8:30 PM

    How did your challah work out? I resisted for many years but after I gave in, I realized how easy and satisfying it was. I work and have lots of little kids so I make the dough on Wednesday and let it rise until Friday morning. I also like to make it early in the week and freeze the shaped loaves. I just did that with a big batch so I am ready for the pre-Pesach frenzy. I love the recipe for Kosher Palette.

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM

    It rises in the fridge, of course!

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM


    I am curious, what does the word Oomevorach mean? Can you explain it on your site, thanx!

    greetings ingrid

  6. Ingrid - Oo'mevorach - means "and blessed" so I was wishing my readers a peaceful and blessed sabbath - and now I will wish you a special blessing for actually reading this blog, and reminding me about it!

  7. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Hi Debra,
    Thank you for your explanation... we are going to use it on Shabbat.
    Blessings, Ingrid

  8. I'd love to see the recipes for the dishes you've posted...they sound delish, and I could definitely use some low-prep shabbos recipes! Thanks.

  9. Ilana - Though this meal was years ago, I actually remember it - unfortuantely, not as a great meal!!!! The chicken, couscous and potatoes were good, the soup and salad were NOT -

    I'll post the tapas potatoes recipes within a few days - it's a good summer recipe since it's stove top.

    thanks for reading!


  10. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hi there. I cannot find your chulent recipe and the tapas potatoes one either. Can you pls post? Thanks


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