Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Ask my kids, they'll tell you, I live for shabbat. There's something about the feeling of sitting with my boys, in the dining room, with or without guests that just gives me a feeling of peace and joy like no other. All of us find that if for any reason we're not home on Friday night, the whole week is messed up.

Starting on Sunday, the next shabbat is mapped out... guests, meals, which shul (we sometimes switch off). I take great pleasure in making everything from scratch (except the challah - Zomick's is JUST BETTER!!! You could really call shabbat my hobby - and during the chagim, I'm in my glory.

I love to help other people figure out their menus too, so just post or comment, and I'll be glad to assist.



  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Hi, I really like your site... My wife and I are making pesach this year for the first time (were married for 7 months. Her parents are coming and were having as many guests as we can find. We both love cooking and having guests...we shopped for pesach but we need help with what to cook. For the seders and lunchs.We always go overboard on the cooking however we like when there is a lot of food and many choices.On the otherhand we do not like to serve leftovers to guest. Thanks and keep up the site! by the way any amazing recipes for pesach?... we have a lot but proven recipes are always the best!

  2. Jason - I'm not sure how you found me, but I'm thrilled you did. If you and your wife need help figuring out quantities, or recipes, post and I'll be happy to help. I've been making both seders for both small and large crowds for about 12 years. And this year, we're actually only making one seder, and going to our friends for the second night (but they're coming to me for shabbat dinner, so it sort of evens out) and our first seder is for 18.


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