Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Barterers Unite!

After extensive negotiations via a posting on facebook, this shabbat I will be bartering a deli roll for a dessert. We all love deli roll, but I never seem to get around to making it. One of my son's friend's mothers makes a phenomenal deli roll - and she loves my desserts, so it seems a natural! So rather than deciding on the desserts I will make for shabbat as an afterthought, I started my menu at the bottom of the page, by deciding what dessert I will be swapping for that deli roll. I wanted to give her a beautiful, delicious dessert, that was sufficiently easy to transport, but was more exciting than a batch of cookies - and I thought of the wonderful, rich chocolate fudge tart I make - so hopefully, the two fudge tarts I make this week will be enjoyed in two homes!

This shabbat we will have:

Chicken Soup with Kreplach and Noodles

Honey Mustard Chicken
Potato/Sweet Potato Torte
Saffron Rice
Broccoli Shiitake Kugel
Some kind of salad (I'll play it by ear, see what veggies look nice at the market)

Meringues (one of the guests favorites)

Shabbat Lunch

Deli Roll
Israel Salad
Leftovers (of course!)

Pesach Posting to start next week!

Shabbat Shalom

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  1. Any chance of getting the recipe for the broccoli shiitake kugel? It sounds amazing.



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