Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cari's Frogs

When a friend came by on Sunday to pick up her Deb's Delicacies order, she told me that her kids make origami frogs to absorb the drops of wine spilled during the recitation of the plagues -

Today, she dropped them off - what a wonderful new tradition! Now I just have to figure out how to make them!

Thanks Cari, Molly & Arielle!


  1. Simon (Husband of Cari & Father of Molly, Michael and Ariel)2:35 PM

    This simple frog is made in 12 easy steps with any paper (square or rectangle) following instructions at: We use the frogs as place holders (you can put the person's name if you have a pre-planned seating arrangement) and use the frog's back to receive and absorb the wine dipped from the second cup when mentioning the plague. We place the "nose" on the plate and the rest below for neatness and to add elegance to the Seder Table.

  2. Just followed the directions and even my non-talented fingers made it work- Thanks Simon -

    The frogs were a bit hit at my seder - and will be an officially adopted tradition!


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