Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shavuot Confession

Of the three major festivals, Shavuot is the least complicated to celebrate. No manic cleaning, no shlepping boxes, no building a hut and eating (or living) in the cold, and it only lasts two days. But from a cooking standpoint, Shavuot has never found it's way into my heart - I just don't do dairy!

An internet search for "passover recipes", will result in a trillion hits, but google Shavuot - and you'll get a trillion cheesecakes (and to tell the truth, cheesecake is cheesecake - it's all about the mix-ins)

But notwithstanding all my whining - I make terrific homemade blintzes, a killer oreo cheesecake and learned from a friend to make a phenomenal greek salad dressing.

This year, I'm hosting dinner the second night of shavuot and for once, rather than try to figure out a menu that's balanced, nutritious and delicious, I've decided to just have fun and make everyone's dairy favorites - and worry about calories and nutrition another time. So, my shavuot guests will be treated to the following:

Homemade Warm Cinnamon Challah - served with homemade strawberry whipped butter

Greek Salad
Spinach Lasagna
Cheese Blintzes
Macaroni & Cheese
Individual Mini Pizzas (with a topping bar - so I can make them for each person)

Oreo Cheesecake
Heath Bar Cookies

If they're not exhausted from all night learning the night before, they will be when they're done with this food!


  1. Love your blog!

    how do you keep the pizzas from going soggy??

  2. Thanks chavlene -

    I'll make crusts ahead of time, and before we eat, guests can create their own pizzas which will cook while we make kiddush & motzi!


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