Friday, May 15, 2009

Challah - Take 2

Trying again with the overnight challah recipe - this is actually the third time - 

I've been keeping track of the recipe modifications, and though I haven't tasted this week's attempt yet, I think I'm getting closer.  Research is needed to determine if now that I've switched to bread flour, and increased the flour in the recipe, if I should use more yeast - this week I had three cups of flour and 1 package of yeast.  The finished results just don't seem to rise quite high enough - maybe I should try a longer first rise.

If you're a successful challah baker and can shed some light, please give me your thoughts.

Shabbat Shalom!

Post - taste note:  Flavor is really there!  Have the right amount of honey - the texture was a bit too dense though - going to try more yeast - or maybe as I thought on Thursday, a longer first rise

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  1. I'm too nervous to mess with the challah recipe given to me by my aunt. It makes 5 lbs and freezes well, and it rises just once. If I give it a couple of hours it's sure to overflow the bowl I put it in. 4 packets of yeast, 5 lbs of flour.


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