Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pretty Apples and Honey

Young and old, apples dipped in honey is probably everyone's favorite rosh hashanah treat. What's very pretty, and saves honey being dripped on your tablecloth tooo much, is to give each person a small plate with their own little dish of honey and sliced apples. And if you don't have enough pretty little bowls for the honey, get lady apples (those little two inch things) and scoop out the top, and fill with honey....

Now decorate each plate with slices of apples and each guest has their own...

To avoid your apples turning brown, dip each cut slice into a bowl of water in which you've squeezed half a lemon. I promise, it works (personal note - yes Jon, acidulation is a word!)

My blessing to all for a happy new year.

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